Digitalization – the new square root of the pharmaceutical sector

Advanco has long emphasized that the pharmaceutical sector is undergoing a revolution, a series of mammoth changes that will rewrite the very DNA of our ever-changing industry.

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  • 03/05/2023

    Digitalization – the new square root of the pharmaceutical sector

    Indeed, like the winds of change whistling through the entire pharmaceutical landscape, the digitally driven Industry 4.0. is already driving major technological advancements.…

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  • 24/04/2023

    Viewpoint: Pharma serialization – a fully managed future

    Pharmaceutical firms have been reliant for many years on contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to provide some of their essential services like manufacturing, packaging,…

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  • 05/04/2023

    The future of pharma following the fourth industrial revolution

    The fourth industrial revolution is already shaping the very way that the pharmaceutical sector is functioning. We are increasingly seeing businesses adopting smart…

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  • 27/03/2023

    SMART customer support model

    Imagine the scenario. As a major global pharmaceutical firm, you invest in one of the most advanced pieces of track and trace technology…

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  • 01/03/2023

    Preparations are in full swing for the GCC Regulatory Affairs Pharma Summit 2023

    Over the past few years, advanco has firmly established itself as a familiar face at the globe’s leading pharmaceutical networking events and conferences.…

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  • 21/02/2023

    How can the pharmaceutical sector reduce its carbon footprint?

    Global supply chains across multiple sectors produce large amounts of carbon, from CO2 created during manufacturing, through fossil fuels burned in transportation, to…

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