is a mobile application supporting the handling of
warehouse and packaging shopfloor operations,
including rework-after-serialization and shipment

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ARC LES Edge is an agile digital transformation for warehouse operations to increase shopfloor productivity.

  • Reporting, configuration, and management in cloud.

  • User data and device configuration data stored in cloud.

  • Test deployments possible.

With the rapid deployment option,
it’s ready to “plug and produce”
in a very short period.

With the rapid deployment option, <br>
it’s ready to “plug and produce” <br>
  in a very short period.
  • Extra value to your existing serialization solution by providing the ability to make real-time decisions and automate serialized product operations.

  • The cloud-based, open edge solution was purpose-built to provide massive scalability and high quality for our customers.


  • Covering all serialized warehouse scenarios such as delivery management, serial number status changes, rework operations, label reprints, etc.

  • Instant serial number statuses updates on Enterprise-Level (Level 4) after commissioning reports.

  • Direct connectivity to any SiteLevel (Level 3), Enterprise-Level (Level 4), and ERP systems.

  • Manage and isolate the impact of serialization on existing warehouse processes.

  • Designed for the best user experience and time-intensive warehouse and post packaging operations execution.

  • Lightweight mobile device - easy to carry on the shop floor.

Take a step into a <br>more secure future

Take a step into a
more secure future

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